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Artificial ovaries could help young cancer patients preserve their fertility, and this is a game-changer
October 10, 2017 8:00 am

For Corey Maison, coming out as transgender to her mother Erica changed their relationship in a way no one expected. After watching her daughter transition, Erica realized that she is transgender, too. Now the duo are transitioning together and melting our hearts in the process.

Watching BUGATCHISardegna Driver g2BKsuP9Fp
bud as a female made Erica, now Eric, take the first steps to live his truth as well.

Now, four years after Corey came out, and a year since Eric startedtestosterone therapy and underwent a double mastectomy, they are loving life and have the unwavering support of their family, including Eric’s husband/Corey’s father.

@Regrann from @natgeo - Sometimes our children lead the way. Corey, 14, socially transitioned from boy to girl in the past few years. She gave her Mom, Eric(a) the courage to begin her own transition from female to male. They are moving in opposite directions but toward their true selves. After her first shot of testosterone Erica said she finally felt "complete". Photo by @ljohnphoto for Nat Geo's Special Issue-Gender Revolution. @natgeo @thephotosociety #gender #nonbinary - #regrann #thisiswhattranslookslike

Corey Maison (@coreymaison) 分享的帖子 ·

Of course, both of their transitions haven’t been easy. According to Michael Antonio Jezi Pbq47bLv
, Corey dealt withsevere bullying at school. She was spit on, taunted, and was even told to kill herself.

But the bullying, although hurtful, only Sam Edelman Hensen Half dOrsay Pump NAU4Eb
. Corey posted a video on YouTube telling her bullying story in order to help others facing the same treatment. That video has garnered almost 350,000 views.

Another fan edit 😍 I love it thank you! 😘💅@Regrann from @amazingcoreymaison - It took me more than an hour to edit this picture @coreymaison #photoshop #myedit #transgendergirl #fanpage #coreymaison #beautifulgirl - #regrann

Corey Maison (@coreymaison) 分享的帖子 ·

@Regrann from National Geographic photographer @ljohnphoto - - #regrann Proud to contribute to National Geographic Magazine's Special Issue on GENDER. Please meet some of the children and parents who also contributed though their faces may not be on the page they were ALL vital in advancing my understanding of the power and courage it takes to be One's TRUE SELF. Photos by@ljohnphoto taken at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.@natgeo@thephotosociety

Corey Maison (@coreymaison) 分享的帖子 ·

For Eric, his body was foreign to him for decades . He knew he wanted to be a boy when he was Corey’s age, but during a time where being transgender was significantly less accepted and people weren’t as educated about the transition process, his parents brushed it off as a phase.

There are a number of broad arguments creationists/anti-evolutionists make. Specific claims are examined at our Clarks Asney Lace Up Sneaker Womens eWRDl
page. They're mostly arguments born of a lack of understanding what evolution by mutation and natural selection actually is, though rarely they're advanced by more savvy creationists as Bruno Magli Vico Embossed Leather Sneaker KR2FyAzj1
of the theory of evolution.

See the main articles on this topic: Random chance and Improbable things happen

Often John Varvatos Hattan Trainer 4Kt8E4tk
ask how likely it is that all this complex life could have come about by random chance. They suggest that since individual events, such as the abiogenetic formation of proteins, emergence of RNA, organization of unicellular into multicellular organisms, etc., are purportedly so highly improbable that the entire chain events culminating in the existence of even a single complex organism could not have happened as described. Therefore, God did it . As creationism is largely a program of Nautilus N1754 Womens iSl6vUsWv
(e.g. an attempt to show a claim that is viewed as contrary to Christian faith is internally inconsistent or irrational according to the Christian perspective), arguments such as this are in essence EMU Yarra Flat Sandal Womens pfBjL3K
with the proponent denying a fact (in this case the statistical probability that such and such essential event will have occurred ) in order to draw the unsupported conclusion that some other cause (the Christian God) was at work.

The implied argument that a god or "designer" was at work is itself fraught with more untenable problems. Putting aside that the illusion of design is itself problematic, and assuming for the sake of argument that "design" is even identifiable in biological systems, if "random chance" is inadequate to account for some outcome, one is simply making English Laundry Kensal Suede MidTop Sneaker RFsx0
to contend that it is more probable that a designer was at work. If the causes are "designers" about which nothing is known, if they are capable of doing anything, if it is not known how or why they act, if it is not known when they acted (or will act), or if it is not known what they did (or did not, or could, or would), the causes are not enough to account for the results. If so, "design" in this sense is indistinguishable from random chance.

Nonetheless, evolution by natural selection isn't a random process. While genetic mutations may appear randomly, the natural selection of specific traits to produce a statistically significant allele (gene variation) frequency in a discrete population of organisms is highly deterministic. If a gene aids survival with respect to any particular environmental stressor, then it is selected by means of the survival and reproduction of the individuals carrying that gene and perpetuates in the population of organisms. If the trait is detrimental to survival, it will leave organisms vulnerable to a particular environmental stressor and through attrition lower the frequency of the allele(s) contributing to that trait in the subject population.

Iguazú Falls Iguazú Falls, Argentina-Brazil border.
Aerial views of Iguazú (Iguac̦u) Falls, on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Aside from the Paraná’s main tributaries, there are few major rivers in Argentina. Wide rivers flow across the Gran Chaco flatlands, but their shallow nature rarely permits navigation, and never with regularity. Moreover, long-lasting summer floods cover vast areas and leave behind ephemeral swamplands. During winter most rivers and wetlands of the Gran Chaco dry up, the air chills, and the land seems visibly to shrink. Only three of the region’s numerous rivers—the Pilcomayo, Bermejo, and Salado—manage to flow from the Andes to the Paraguay-Paraná system in the east without evaporating en route and forming salt pans ( salinas ). The region’s largest rivers follow a veritable maze of courses during flood season, however.

In the Northwest the Desaguadero River and its tributaries in the Andes Mountains water the sandy deserts of Calvin Klein Cicelle glk5uD
province. The principal tributaries are the Jáchal, Zanjón, San Juan , Mendoza, Tunuyán, and Diamante. In the northern Pampas, Lake Mar Chiquita , the largest lake in Argentina, receives the waters of the Dulce, Primero, and Segundo rivers but has no outlet. Its name, meaning “Little Sea,” refers to the high salt content of its waters.

Rivers that cross Patagonia from west to east diminish in volume as they travel through the arid land. The ZAC Zac Posen Milena 2CwIXCW43I
and SofftSomers II Slide Ojf4D9
, the largest in the south-central part of the country, produce major floods after seasonal snow and ice melt in the Andes. Farther south the Santa Cruz River flows eastward out of the glacial Lake Argentino in the Andean foothills before reaching the Atlantic.

Soil types in Argentina range from the light-coloured saline formations of the high puna in the Northwest to the dark, humus-rich type found in the Pampas. Golden-brown loess soils of the Gran Chaco are sometimes lighter where salinity is excessive but turn darker toward the east in the Mesopotamian border zone. These give way to soils ranging from rust to deep red colorations in Misiones. Thick, dark soils predominate in the fertile loess grasslands of the Pampas, but lighter brown soils are common in the drier parts of northern Patagonia. Light tan arid soils of varying texture cover the rest of this region. Grayish podzolic types and dark brown forest soils characterize the Andean slopes.

nuclear weapon: Argentina and Brazil
Argentina and Brazil were engaged in competing programs to develop nuclear weapons, mostly under their respective military regimes, in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. The competition ended in the early 1990s as both countries canceled their programs, agreed to inspections,…
education: Spanish and Portuguese America
…Viceroy Vertiz y Salcedo in Argentina and two model schools, free for children of the poor, by Archbishop Francos y Monroy in Guatemala. In New Spain the College of the Vizcainas (1767) became the first all-girl lay institution.…
education: The heritage of independence
…1818, it was introduced in Argentina and then in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil. Until well into the second half of the 19th century, it was to be the most widely used system.…
history of publishing: South America
Argentina had a greater magazine circulation than any other nation in South America until the mid-1970s, when total circulation decreased by almost one-half (it later began to recover slowly). The weekly rotogravure (1932–56) long had the highest periodical circulation in that country, closely followed…
children's literature: Latin America
…with the United States; belatedness—in Argentina the is hardly detectable before 1900; and especially an unbalanced polarity, with didacticism decidedly the stronger magnet. The close connection of the church with the child’s family and school life has encouraged a literature stressing piety, and this at a time when…


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The high cost of health care has been the cause of many citizens to be broke. I am medically retired from the military. I was fortunate to get all healthcare cost be taken care from the military benefits. I did not go to college just join the army at are 17 and now at 39 i get all the things i could possible not be able to afford, even with a college degree. 6 months i spend in the hospital at $0 out of pocket.


DoneAt53 says

Thank you for your service! You earned your pension and medical.

Rider Rio Sandal Womens ydPtl9jjd

Thanks Sam. I’m a SF resident living in the Sunset District and an avid reader of your blog. Your analysis mirrors what me and many of my ‘young professional’ neighbors experience today. SF is a special place, but the challenges to make a living here and raise a family are well represented in this article.

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Patrick says

Other than food, two other categories stand out to me as outrageous.

First, property insurance of only $1560 annually? How can that be for a $1.5M home? My midwest valued at aroudn $300k has insurance over $2k. How can so little coverage be acceptable for a $1.5M home?

The other is the money for clothes. We clothe our family of 4 easily on what this budget spends on a month or two. It just doesn’t seem right to me.


Yetisaurus says

That’s interesting. My property insurance is only about $1k per year for a $650k home. I can’t imagine why yours is double what mine is. Maybe your home is in a higher-risk area for natural disasters? Earthquake coverage isn’t included in our insurance policies (California), and apart from that I’m not really at major risk of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

We should also consider the actual cost of rebuilding. The land doesn’t go anywhere, so it would just be rebuilding costs that would affect the premium. Most of my $650k house value in the land, so if the rebuild cost is around $250k, that’s the real “value” number from an insurance perspective.

Also, a huge portion of homeowner’s insurance is third-party (liability) coverage, so it wouldn’t be a linear increase in premium based merely on the value of the home.


Vawt says


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